ICTA Awards

Stace Award
Named in memory of much loved Dolby Laboratories’ Sales Administrator Stacey Rehm. Given to a person from the exhibition community who has evidenced exceptional efforts in the evaluation and adoption of new technology.
Allen Award
Given each year at the Annual ICTA Convention to a person who has evidenced exceptional efforts in donating time and effort supporting the ICTA.
Teddy Award
The Teddy Award is presented annually at the ICTA Convention by the active Dealer membership of the ICTA to the ICTA Manufacturer who most closely exemplifies the progressive principals of product development, and provides the dealers with service and up-to-date technical and sales information, while supporting the status of his product without qualification.
Rodney Award
The Rodney Award was created to recognize the outstanding ICTA Dealer. The criteria for selection is: The dealer should be aggressive in marketing and sales; should maintain an adequate inventory; provide quality installation; provide quality after sales service; and should have a good product and application knowledge. It is presented each year at the Annual Convention.