Event January

L.A. Seminar Series

January 19th - 21st, 2015

Universal Hilton Universal City, California
555 Universal City, CA 91608

This series of seminars is aimed at those individuals responsible for theatre design and the planning of day-to-day theatre operations.


Monday, January 19th 
    7:00 P.M.    -    Welcome Cocktail Reception & Dinner
                            (Ballroom C)

Tuesday, January 20th 
    8:30 A.M.    -    Breakfast
                            (Ballroom A & B Foyer)

    9:00 A.M.    -    Welcome
                            Joe DeMeo, ICTA President

    9:15 A.M.    -    Keynote John Fithian, NATO President

    10:00 A.M.    -   Technical Updates
                            “Immersive Audio’s Learning Curve”
                Moderator:  Tim Schafbuch, Sales Director, Cinema Americas,
                                       Dolby Labs

                Panel:    Paul Allen, President, Adaptive Technologies Group
                              Bobby Franklin, President, Franklin Designs, Inc.
                              Chuck Goodsell, Director, Cinema, JBL Professional
                              Rob Standley, Regional V.P., Sales, Klipsch Group
                              Mark Mayfield, Cinema Marketing Manager, QSC Audio

                “Lasers” – Joe DeMeo, Director of Sales, Digital Cinema, N.A.,
                                Barco, Inc.

                “Worldwide Roundup: Regulatory Reform for LIP Systems”
                  Jan Daem, Barco
                  Pete Ludè, RealD

    11:15 A.M.    -    “Luxury Seating Considerations”
                               “Philosophy, Construction & Design, ADA and Financial”
                               Adam Peterson, VP - Construction and Presentation Technologies, 
                              Galaxy Theatres
    11:45 – 12:15 P.M. -    Coffee Break

    12:15 P.M.    -    “Live & Pre-Recorded Entertainment: The New Revenue 
                Moderator:  Beth Figge

                Jonathan Ross, Managing Director, ROQ Group and past President
                of XpanD Content & Distribution
                Evan Saxon, Evan Saxon Productions
                Bud Mayo, Carmike Cinemas
                Mark Collins, Marcus Cinemas
    1:00 P.M.    -    “Measuring Movie Loudness”
                              Ioan Allen, Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories

    1:30 P.M.    -    Luncheon
                             (Ballroom C)

    2:30 P.M.    -    Exhibitor Roundtable

                           David Pflegl, Carmike Cinemas
                           Dan Huerta, AMC Entertainment
                           Mark Collins, Marcus Cinemas

3:15 P.M.        -    “Cinema Design & Construction in compliance with the New ‘Energy Code”

Moderator:  John Wolski, Vice President, Exhibitor Services, 
Deluxe Digital Cinema
Panel:  Mike A. Cummings, AIA, Leed AP Principal, 
TK Architects, International
Roger Maddox, Senior Associate and Vice President,
Fishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber Inc.
Architects, Engineers and Construction 

    3:45 P.M.    -    “Immersive Technologies”
                      Moderator:  Susie Beiersdorf, V.P. Sales, Digital Cinema 
                      Solutions, Sony Electronics

                      Panel:    Theodore Kim, Senior Vice President, Theatre Relations,
                      CJ 4D Plex
                      Heather Blair, Cinema Sales Executive, MediaMation, Inc.
                      Frank Tees, Vice President, Technical Sales and Support, 
                      Moving Image Technologies
                      Lew O’Neil, Vice President, Exhibitors and Studio 
                      Relations, D-BOX Technologies

    4:45 P.M.    -    Wrap up and Comments on Day 1

    5:15 P.M.    -    Dinner in Hotel

    7:30 P.M.    -    “Cut To The Chase”
Trip to UCLA & Presentations
                “Famous Chase Scenes”
                Jess Daily, Motion Picture Projection Services

                “Academy Leader Variations”
                Ioan Allen, Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories

Wednesday, January 21st 

    8:15 A.M.    -    Breakfast

    9:00 A.M.    -    Chinese Theatre Tour & IMAX Demo
                            Demonstration of Barco’s “Escape” Equipment for 

    12:00 NOON    -    Lunch

    1:10 P. M.    -    Preview, Annual Convention in Austin, Texas
                              Date:  July 12-15, 2014
                             Tony Adamson, Worldwide Strategic Program Manager.
                              DLP Cinema® Enterprise and Cinema Display Products

    1:20 P.M.    -    Interview with Mark Christiansen, VP Paramount Pictures                
    2:00 P.M.    -    “Cinema IT Systems Outside of the Booth”
                             Alan Roe, CEO, Jack Roe USA Inc.

    2:30 P.M.    -    “Digital Signage”
                             “Automation & Infrastructure” 
                              Alan Roe, Group CEO and Master of the Universe, 
                              The Jack Roe Companies
                             “Digital Solution for Lobbies and ‘Escape’”
                              Todd Hoddick, VP Global Entertainment, Barco

                              Denys Lavigne, Senior Director, Experience Strategy and
                              Creative Services, Christie Digital

    3:30 P.M.    -    Manufacturers Presentations
                Paul Marcot, GDC Technology of America
                John F. Allen, High Performance Stereo
                Andrew Stucker, Arts Alliance Media
                Patrick Artiaga, Christie Digital Systems USA
                Vince Power, XPAND 3D (x6d Ltd.)
                Medwyn Gillespie, Dolby Laboratories
                Frank Tees, Moving Image Technologies
                Alan Roe, Jack Roe USA Inc.
                Andrew Kappus, JBL Professional
    4:30 P.M.    -    Wrap up and Comments for Day 2
                Joe DeMeo, President, ICTA